Knowledge. Control. Savings.

Orbitile creates systems enabling the monitoring of extensive areas and infrastructure components from anywhere.

What can you gain from Orbitile?

Orbitile enables easy and automated status checking of all geographically extensive assets (land and infrastructure). Base your decisions on the knowledge about the real status of the property, reduce financial and environmental costs of on-site inspections and become independent from all external factors.

Satellite images

Monitoring is primarily based on satellite technology. Our system is also supported by additional information, depending on the needs of the particular industry.

AI and automation

To provide reliable and solid information as well as credible data analysis always on time - regardless of the external situation - we use AI algorithms.

User-friendly systems for any device

Key results can easily be accessed, searched, and reported to the user. We also give an opportunity to save information about actions and decisions, at any place and time.

Our products

The Energy Industry, Railways, and Roads

Extensive infrastructure monitoring

  • Reducing costs of infrastructure control, especially in hard-to-reach areas;
  • Supervising the growth of trees around power lines, railways, and roads;
  • Pointing out places where trees exceed security regulations and marking them as a priority to cut-out due to safety reasons;
  • Preventing any types of failures.


Controlling the land usage in the period of lease or after sale

  • Reducing significantly the need for “on-the-spot” checks and, as a result, cutting down the overall costs;
  • Verifying compliance of the land use with the original purpose of the lease or sale;
  • Detecting wild bushes and trees;
  • Checking meadows mowing and greenery removal;
  • Verifying cultivation and fallow of the land.


Claims settlement in agricultural insurance

  • Controlling 100% of insured assets;
  • Evaluating the effects of poor wintering in insured fields;
  • Limiting extortions of damages – we distinguish actual losses due to severe winter from areas where the cultivation was already poor in autumn;
  • Making independent inspections that are not influenced by external conditions, including the availability of loss adjusters or epidemiological restrictions.

Benefits for your company


Data-based knowledge about total assets status, including the possibility of archival data analysis.

Reliable source for decision-making process improvements;

Possibility of the quick response to a threat only when it is happening.


Significant reduction of financial and environmental costs of on-site inspections

Satisfied bosses and owners

Rundings relocated for other projects


Well-organized data in one friendly system accessible from anywhere

Keeping all key data inside the company

Fast and easy onboarding of new employees

The Orbitile team

Urszula Starankiewicz - Krawczyk, Ph.D.

Managing Director at Oribitile who not only speaks in the business language but also has experience in working with scientists and programmers. Effectively connects people from different environments, which results in great innovative products that truly meet market needs. Talented in finding the right people at the right time and connecting them.

Przemysław Kopidura, Ph.D., Professor of the Warsaw University of Technology

Director of the Research and Development Department, professor at the Warsaw University of Technology and a lecturer at the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography at the Warsaw University of Technology. Expert in Polish Space Agency, author of many expert assessments, business and public analysis, science evangelist.

Piotr Krawczyk

Technology Director, experienced programmer and leader of technology projects with 10-years of experience in the insurance sector. In Orbitile responsible for building products’ architecture as well as for creating strategy for further technological development of the company. Creatively supports the process of modeling.

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